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The staff at Cultura Italiana work using “the Italian language of Italians”, untainted by the use of other languages. To communicate in Italian, it is important to learn how to use the language, to set and recognise its tone, gestures, facial expressions and body language. The language is not just grammar to communicate messages that suits all languages. At Cultura Italiana, the Italian language is about our students learning the language from the heart and mind which enables it to become part of their vital expressions .

A lesson in Cultura Italiana is an education plan with clear objectives : the teacher addresses the class, but the lesson is directed to each individual member in the class. Cultura Italiana does not impose an "ideal method" for learning Italian to all. Our teachers are always available to meet the practical needs of students.

Cultura Italiana works to promote the Italian language and culture; it's not just about running a business. Our teachers are professionals with decades of experience in teaching Italian as a second language.

We want to provide the best linguistic tools immediately to every student to communicate with Italian people right away in restaurants and shops. The ability to speak, understand, read and write straightaway is useful. After two weeks a European-beginner level student can already understand and be understood in simple everyday Italian conversations. Intermediate and advanced-level students will extend their capabilities, learning to express the same concept in many different ways, elaborating their messages, strengthening the accuracy and use of grammar, learning vocabulary used in different sectors.