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Why Cultura Italiana

Cultura Italiana guarantees results Students are adults of different nationalities, different languages and different cultures. There are 8 different levels for grammar, vocabulary, expression and communication, but classes are flexible, adjusted to the level and pace of learning of each class.Each person and each class has a different pace, a person or a upper-level class …

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Bologna Cuisine The cuisine is excellent in Bologna. Historically, Bologna is the most famous Italian city for quality cuisine. The average quality restaurants are moderately priced (less than in touristy cities) and high quality restaurants are relatively inexpensive. There are also lots of low price, good quality small restaurants. Who want to learn cooking Exhibitions and …

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Live like an Italian

The visits, walks, history, art and Italian friends After school and homework, there are visits, walks, history, art and Italian friends. Beyond the standard programme, there are meetings with doctors, teachers, architects and other Italian work colleagues in their fields of work. Students can also visit fashion or mechanical manufacturers (Ducati, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari), or food producers …

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