The aim of the various activities is to facilitate and encourage contact with the Italian environment, to meet people, participate in Italian life not as tourists and to communicate in Italian. Bologna is the ideal place to practice Italian. It is easy to meet people living in Bologna, because there is no invasion of mass tourism. Bologna is a city where most Italians would like to live for its intense lifestyle, nice people and culture. The programme of afternoon activities after classes is divided into two parts.


The first part is a programme proposes a meet with an Italian who is in the same profession in Italy. For example, a doctor, an architect or a teacher or a student can meet an Italian colleague and visit a hospital, a construction site and a school. People interested in football or in motorcycles can join a football team's club or a Ducati bikers’ club. People who are interested in music can meet, for instance, a collector of ancient musical instruments. Please suggest your interest on the enrolment form. It may not always be possible to organise meetings. Sometimes, Italians who are available or have time to meet foreign colleagues cannot be found. We want students to have the opportunity to speak Italian with Italians in a spontaneous way!

The second part is a programme of activities designed for all students:
a) The city of Bologna b) Art, History and Music c) Nature and Landscapes
d) Visits, aperitifs, dinners, parties e) Cooking

Examples of the topic "The city of Bologna" Walks to get to know Bologna: People living in Bologna for a few weeks use the services, the restaurants and the characteristic aspects of the city. The walks are spread across the streets and medieval squares of the historic centre. Do you want to know where the post office, bank and also the market are? Here, vegetables and fruits are fresh and cost little. In Piazza Maggiore you can use the free Internet service or use the library to read, look at photos, DVD films or listen to music. Near the school there are many small shops selling local products. Parmesan cheese, tortellini, tagliatelle. And ice cream? The ice cream shops are great for cream and chocolate, but they are perhaps better for their fruit sorbets. The wine shops have plenty of choices with good price to quality ratios. But where is the supermarket? Small supermarkets are near the school. In Via Marconi there is the PAM Supermarket which is larger, where prices are a bit better. And the restaurants? The pizzerias? For these, we have time.2) “From Bononia to Bologna”, a tour of the historical sites dating from the Roman Age and covering the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, the l8th century and modern times; a walk to discover the hidden beauty of Bologna; guided visit to the University; a visit to the University Museums; a visit to the modern art gallery; visits to villas on the hills around Bologna, to the baroque theatre

Examples of the activity of the topic "Art, history and music" A visit to the Etruscan town of Marzabotto; a visit to a studio that specialises in the restoration of old paintings and a visit to a studio that restores old wooden furniture and musical instruments.

Trips: The Castle of Monteveglio, Modena, Ferrara, Ravenna. A meeting with Bolognese artists and an opportunity to discuss contemporary art. Talks on the following topics:
“E lucevan le stelle” – Italian opera
Popular songs
History of painting
Medieval music
Music of the 16th century
Music of the 17th century
Music of the 18th century

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Examples of the activity of the topic "Landscape and Nature"  “The landscape of the plain”: a guided tour of Bologna’s surrounding area with historical information about the long transformation from Roman rural organization to the industrialised Dozza, a colourful medieval village; the hills

Parco della Chiusa – San Luca (park outing)
Parco di Villa Ghigi (park outing)
Parco dei Gessi (park outing)
Appennine excursion

Examples of activities "Visits, aperitifs, dinners, parties"

Examples of the activity of the topic "Cooking school"

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