The School

Cultura Italiana was established in 1980 in Bologna as a school specialized in teaching Italian language and culture to adults and students (over 16 years) in the same context.  We also welcome over-65s students too, giving a 10% discount!

cultura italiana bologna ingresso via castiglione
palazzo pepoli di taglio
Cultura Italiana lobby with lantern on the ceiling
Cultura Italiana Bologna atrio interno

The school is located in Palazzo Pepoli, the residence of the first Lord of Bologna in the 14th century.

We organise intensive Italian courses in an authentic Italian-only environment (we are not a multi-language school) in  a city not yet discovered by mass tourism. All the incentives in this environment bring about the language, Italian culture, life and the style of Italy.

Marina Carbone fa lezione a Cultura Italiana Bologna
Cultura Italiana Bologna vista torre
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atrio Cultura Italiana Bologna

The mission of Cultura Italiana is to diffuse the knowledge of Italian culture and language abroad. Cultura Italiana collaborates in research with the University of Bologna (founded in 1088) and with 40 other universities in Europe, America and Japan.

Cultura Italiana is the only school in Bologna that specialises in teaching how to communicate in Italian, without using English as a teaching medium. Cultura Italiana is the first school recognized by the Ministry of Education as an “Italian Language School for Foreigners” and as a training institution from the Emilia-Romagna region. At the end of the course students are awarded certificates which are valued in the professional field and for academic credits with affiliated universities.

certificato agli studenti di Cultura Italiana Bologna
saluto agli studenti di Cultura Italiana Bologna che partono
portici san luca bologna

Bologna is a magnificent medieval city, famous for high-tech mechanics (Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati and Ferrari components, packaging), fashion production and fine cuisine.
Bologna is not yet discovered by mass tourism. The majority of Italians would like to live in Bologna for the quality of life, the intense cultural offering, social life, the excellent restaurants, osterie, the theatre, musical productions, concerts, the nightlife and for the hundred thousands of students in the oldest university in Europe.

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