What can I learn in 2 weeks?

After two weeks a European beginner-level student can already understand and be understood in simple everyday Italian conversations(shops, restaurants, information points, hotel, airport). An Orient language-origin beginner is introduced to the structural and communicative usage of the language; the student will know a few expressions and recognise 300-500 words. An intermediate-level student will start to communicate and use the language in a truly Italian way, not only as a foreigner who is learning. An advanced-level student in 2 weeks will extend their capabilities in the expression, communication and comprehension in the different areas of use of the Italian language. In 2 weeks, students can learn to express a concept, that they already know to do in Italian, in 10 or 20 other ways. This is the practice that broadens the expressive capabilities.

How do I check if there is availability on a course?

Generally, courses are available in every period because we are able to form new classes when we receive many requests. The Secretariat is at your disposition to confirm the course availability: info@culturaitaliana.it. We will respond to you as soon as possible, within 24 hours.

Where can I find the course dates and prices?

Prices. For a full view of all our courses: Our Courses

How do I enrol on a course?

Please fill in our on-line registration form on our website Registration and pay a deposit of 130 Euros (the deposit is part of the course price) using credit card or bank transfer. We will receive your enrolment form immediately and send you the course confirmation.

What is the minimum age to enrol?

Our students are adults, usually more than 18 years old, but we welcome accept younger students in adult classes if their parents give their consent. We also have 16 or 17 year-old students who often help our older students.

How can I find out my current Italian language level?

Test your Italian

Will I receive a certificate after I finish the course?

Yes, if you finish the course at our school, you will receive a certificate with an evaluation of your linguistic abilities. This certificate is valued in the professional field but it does not have an academic value.

What type of accommodation can you organise for me?

Our students have different requirements and budgets. Over 35 years of experience have helped us to put together different categories of accommodation to satisfy all tastes and budgets: Accomodation

Will I have contact with my host family during my stay?

Homestay accommodation with a host family combines quality, friendliness, and excellent value for money but families that usually host are people who live alone, we have only 6 families with children who choose to host young students. Homestay accommodation is tailored for people who want contact with their host and have the possibility to be free and independent while living in the same house.

Can you help me obtain a visa?

Cultura Italiana is the first language school recognized by the Italian State. Students of Cultura Italiana will automatically get visas but there are difficulties with the embassies of some countries. Visa

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