Who we are

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Cultura Italiana is a top-level school specialised in the dissemination of the Italian language.

Why study in Italy at Cultura Italiana

The course is practical to communicate from the first day; it is useful to study Italian in Italy in order to use the Italian language with Italians.

The School

Cultura Italiana was established in 1980 in Bologna as a school specialized in teaching Italian language and culture to adults, anyone over 18 years of age. We welcome over-60s students too, giving a 10% discount!

The Staff

The staff at Cultura Italiana work using “the Italian language of Italians”, untainted by the use of other languages. To communicate in Italian, it is important to learn how to use the language, to set and recognise its tone, gestures, facial expressions and body language

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Our mission

Our mission is to teach you to live in Bologna as Italians, using the Italian language to communicate immediately with Italians!

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