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Cultura Italiana is a top-level school specialised in the dissemination of the Italian language. Total immersion in our language is possible with us because the surrounding environment is authentic. For this reason we teach only Italian and we don’t teach any other languages. To foster communication, Cultura Italiana organises events with Italian people to practice the language. We use the authentic language, that’s used by Italian people, that’s untainted by English or by any other languages from tourists. Here, you can learn to communicate (speak, understand, read and write) in classes or by having lively conversations with Italians. Cultura Italiana is the first school recognised by the Italian State for Italian language teaching, for its guaranteed high quality of teaching and its recognised certificates for visas and university credits. Students of Cultura Italiana have chosen a professional school to rapidly learn our language. Some students learn Italian for the beauty of the language, others for business or university, or for other professional, cultural, artistic and aesthetic reasons. Bologna is the city where, according to statistics, the majority of Italians would like to live for the overall quality of life; its liveliness, cultural life, concerts, excellent cuisine. Cultura Italiana (1981) collaborates in educational research with the University of Bologna, the first university in Europe (1088), and with other 40 universities in Europe, America and Japan. We organize events (lectures, exihibitions, seminars) with Universities and Italian Culture Institutes.

It’s an excellent choice to learn at Cultura Italiana! Welcome to Bologna!

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