Pick up service

Bologna airport is located 6 km away from the city centre. A bus service runs every 15 minutes (€ 6) to the central train station passing through the city centre . If you prefer to take a taxi the price is about € 2025.
On request it is possible to book a pick-up service, for a fee.

Didactic material

The school provides the didactic material, including photocopies. Text-books are lent by the school.

Trial day

You can request for a trial day at the point of registration to try out the quality of the course first. If at the end of the first day of lessons the student is not satisfied, all of the course fees paid will be completely refunded. This opportunity to decide if the course meets your needs is available only the first day of the course.

Child care

Can be provided during lesson time. The price varies from € 30 to € 45 per day, depending on the age and the number of children. Please advise us in advance if you would like to take advantage of this service.


It is possible to hire bicycles.


Cultura Italiana offers permanent scholarships every year to promote the school. The scholarships are available from the Italian Cultural Institutes, Italian Embassies and Consulates, Italian Department at Universities. Scholarships are awarded by these institutions exclusively to their students


Students are insured against accidents at school. European citizens have access to free health services. Non-EU citizens can apply for health insurance which is not obligatory for tourists but are required for visas.  Accident and Emergency services are guaranteed to everyone even for those without insurance coverage  by payment of a small fee (about € 30).  Health insurance is recommended for illnesses and for those remaining for long periods. (12 months cost approximately € 145).

Internet at school

At school and in apartments, there are free Internet connections and different available computers.

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