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At Cultura Italiana you learn Italian in few weeks using exclusively Italian (not like a tourist), we communicate without using other languages with a full immersion in the Italian language. In Bologna was founded the first university in Europe (1088), for this reason it has a long tradition as a student city and it is the perfect place to learn Italian in Italy.
Around thousand people attend Cultura Italiana (with a weekly participation from 35 to 85 people).

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Thank you for visiting Cultura Italiana Bologna Website. The school in Italy was established in Bologna in 1981. Here you can learn Italian and speak the Italian language with Italians, not with tourists. We collaborate in educational research with the Bologna University, the first University in the Western World (1088) and…continue >>
We organize events (lectures, exihibitions, seminars) with Universities and Italian Culture Institutes.  Last events: Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Amburgo, Associazione Italo-Giapponese TokyoIstituto Italiano di Cultura di OsakaIstituto Italiano di Cultura di Monaco, Istituto Italiano di Cultura StoccardaIstituto Italiano di Cultura di Berlino..continue >>



Why learn Italian in Italy at Cultura Italiana?

If you study Italian in Bologna at Cultura Italiana the cost-benefit ratio is optimal.

  • The course is practical to communicate from the first day
  • It is possible to meet Italian friends and use Italian
  • Cultura Italiana guarantees results
  • Our programmes are defined and monitored
  • Why learn Italian in Italy
  • Our objectives of the course are clear
  • Our teachers have at least 5 years of teaching experience
  • Our courses are particularly attractive in terms of value for money
  • One of the best leisure program in the world
  • Live like an Italian with us
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Quick info

Useful suggestions to live and enjoy the city during your Italian language course in Bologna.

  • Living in Bologna / Cost of living
  • Where to eat
  • What to wear
  • The Italian language and lifestyle is authentic
  • What can you do in the weekends
  • Exhibitions and lectures
  • Leisure time and sport
  • Music and theatres / Museums / Parks
  • Markets / Shopping
  • Night life
  • Transport
  • Bologna cuisine
  • Friends, relatives and guests

Students' Feedback

These are the students’ evaluations


In order to learn Italian in Italy the location is important. Please find here some pictures of the medieval city and the prestigious location of the school

The historical city centre is one of the biggest in Europe.

The school is located in a XV century building, where the first Lord of Bologna used to live.

Our classes are lively and dinamic, perfect to communicate in Italian.

After the practical lessons to learn Italian in Italy you can have fun with the leisure program after the lessons and learn Italian outside the school

The Italy of today: visit to the Gelato Museum Carpigiani.

The landscape of the hills: a walk in the park.

Italian social life: aperitivo with Italians.


The lessons at the school in Bologna are lively and interesting. You can find more motivations by watching the videos about how to learn Italian in Italy.
Here the lesson is different, more stimulating than the Italian lessons in your country.

Some testimonials

Le mie aspettative sono state superate

- Valentin, Svizzera

Le Lezioni, gli insegnanti:ottimi! Le attività del pomeriggio: non mi aspettavo così buone. Complimenti!

- Almudena, Spagna

I professori erano molto pazienti con noi. Grazie a tutti!

- Haruko, Giappone

La scuola ha creato una buona atmosfera per imparare. Il personale era eccellente.

- Blanka, Belgio

Il corso era molto utile per me, sono molto contento. Ci vediamo sicuramente un'altra volta. Grazie!

- Ralf, Germania

At Cultura I spent 3 hours a day speaking conversationally, while also learning more grammar. This course pushed me outside my boundaries and encouraged me to have more confidence in my speaking capabilities

-Sara, Usa