1st part: Italian Language ( class 6-12 people, 20 hours per week)
Class begins with an assessment test. There are 8 different levels. Each level consists of 20 lesson-hours (50 minutes per lesson). The first part of the day focuses on grammatical structure and vocabulary, the second part on expression and communication. Classes are taught by professional teachers with experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language. Students learn the forms and rules of the language with particular care given to usage and expression. There is also emphasis on comprehension, and the use of the language in a cookery context. The school provides the teaching materials, including free photocopies. Text-books are lent by the school.

2nd part: Classical singers course
The Singing course consists in additional individual lessons to the language course. It’s a specific courses for learning and improving basic techniques of classical singing according to traditional Italian models.

1. Course for beginners: for those who have non singing experience
2. Basic course: for people who know how to sing but have no experience singing Italian opera
3. Advanced course for singers
4. Enrichment course: for those who are already expert Italian opera singers
5. Particular course

Every lesson lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes of private lesson with the teacher at complete disposal + 3 hours own training by yourself.

Learn to sing opera in Italian with us and become as good as Italian singers!

Prices Italian lessons
Class 6-12 people, 20 hours per week

1 week€ 291
2 weeks€ 536
3 weeks€ 779
4 weeks€ 978

Prices Classical Singer Course
2 lessons per week

1 week€ 270
2 weeks€ 540
3 weeks€ 810
4 weeks€ 1080

4 lessons per week

1 week€ 540
2 weeks€ 1080
3 weeks€ 1620
4 weeks€ 2160