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La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
November 2015 New York Times (American Newspaper)
The American newspaper talks about the beauty of Bologna. Bologna is a culinary traveler’s delight, but there is plenty worth checking out in the culture and nightlife arenas.
September 2015 Aftenposten (Norvegian Newspaper)
Norvegian newspaper, article about “The land of the gluttons”, see also page 2 and 3
25 April 2015 University of Uppsala
10815622_1550884551820126_622943071_n 10822135_1550884535153461_1768027894_n
The first Italian “master of languages” in Finland was Antonio Papi (1659 – 1740), a Bolognese scholar
21 November 2014 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
The Director of Cultura Italiana, Massimo Maracci, the Professor of Medieval History at Bologna University, Rolando Dondarini, and the Deputy Mayor of Bologna, Matteo Lepore, presented the two books on Bologna written by Mary Tolaro Noyes, an American writer. “Bologna is a seductive city, for its history and beauty but it is the people who live here that bring me back” says Noyes, a guest of Cultura Italiana, an Italian language school for foreigners and where the writer’s Felsinian adventure began twenty years ago.
4 November 2014 Reise (German Magazine)
February 2014 Vanity Fair (English Magazine)
22 February 2014 Independent (English Newspaper)
13 February 2014 The New York Times (American Newspaper)
9 June 2011 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
19 September 2007 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
12 May 2007 Il Bologna (Italian Magazine)
26 February 2007 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
7 May 2006 Ambassador – A quarterly publication of the National Italian American Foundation – Vol. 17, No 4
winter 2005/2006 TravelMag (The Indipendent Spirit)
14 September 2005 The New York Times (American Newspaper)
31 July 2005 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
04 February 2001 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
04 February 2001 The Daily Telegraph (English Newspaper)
12 .04. 2000 Il Sole 24 Ore (Italian Newspaper)
05/03/2000 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
03/03/2000 Il Resto del Carlino (Italian Newspaper)
03/03/2000 Il Resto del Carlino (Italian Newspaper)
01/03/2000 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
29.02.2000 Neue Zuericher Zeitung (German Newspaper)
27.02.1997 Off Duty
May 1997 The New York Magazine (American Newspaper)
10.11.1996 Corriere della Sera (Italian Newspaper)
01.03.1996 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
02.11.1995 Gourmet Magazine
September 1995 Der Tagesspiegel (German Newspaper)
15.05.1993 The Wall Street Journal (American Newspaper)
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15.01.1993 Anteprima (Italian Newspaper)
08.01.1993 Weekend Guardian (English Newspaper)
12.01.1992 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
06.09.1991 Il Resto del Carlino (Italian Newspaper)
05.12.1990 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
04.12.1990 Frankfurter Rundschau (German Newspaper)
20.10.1990 Holiday
June 1989 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)
24.06.1989 L’Unità (Italian Newspaper)
22.06.1989 Die Welt (German Newspaper)
29.12.1988 Frankfurter Rundschau (German Newspaper)
11.04.1987 Cosmopolitan (American Magazine)
September 1986 Der Tagesspiegel (German Newspaper)
28.07.1985 Frankfurter Rundschau (German Newspaper)
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17.04.1984 La Repubblica (Italian Newspaper)