Afternoon-evening Italian language course, 2 meetings per week, 6 hours

The 6-hour afternoon-evening courses are suited for those living in Italy for a long period or for those who are working or studying in university. The courses are generally held in organised groups in the afternoons or evenings but it is possible to form groups also in the mornings. The course consists of 2 meetings a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes, 3 lesson-hours per meeting in a class of 6-12 people. It is possible to start every week.

The standard course of 12 weeks is the equivalent of one level. A six-week course is the equivalent of the first or second part of a complete level. If the number of students in class is 4-5, every lesson lasts 2 hours; if there are 2-3 student in class, the lesson will last 1.5 hours while a class of 1 person will have a lesson for an hour and 15 minutes. (each lesson hour is 50 minutes).

Class 6-12 people

2 lessons per week

3 lesson hours per class (6 hours per week).

2 hours’ homework per day is expected of each student.

The number of the lesson-hours depends on the number of the students in the class; in the event of didactic differences in a class, the school will suggest to divide the class into two smaller groups as follows:

Class 3-5 people

2 hours per class (4 hours per week)

Class 1-2 people

1.5 hours per class (3 hours per week)

Small groups do more intensive work in class and at home and reach the same level as those in the larger groups.

Prices of the afternoon-evening Italian language course

  • 4 weeks
  • 6 weeks
  • 12 weeks
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