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Cultura Italiana guarantees results

Students are adults of different nationalities, different languages and different cultures. There are 8 different levels for grammar, vocabulary, expression and communication, but classes are flexible, adjusted to the level and pace of learning of each class.Each person and each class has a different pace, a person or a upper-level class may go at a slow pace while a lower-level class can have a faster pace. For this reason you can change your class by choosing and agreeing with the teacher, the best class for you.

The teacher follows a proposed syllabus (an educational project) for every different student. In this way the school can guarantee the most suitable solution for each student.
Each student has the ability to communicate in Italian in the shortest time possible and in the most correct way for his/her language level. We guarantee the best possible result for each student corresponding to their competence.The result is guaranteed because we have the interest and responsibility that every person learns lots!

Our programmes are defined and monitored

Cultura Italiana (1980) is the first school recognised by the Italian State as an “Italian Language School for Foreigners”.
We are also recognised as a continuous and permanent training institution by the region of Emilia-Romagna.
Cultura Italiana collaborates in applied linguistics research with the University of Bologna and University of Siena (courses and examinations for the certification of Italian as a second language teachers, and for the well-known academic Italian language certificate), and with different European, American and Japanese universities for their Italian courses and credits in Italy. Our programmes are defined and monitored.

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Our objectives of the course are clear

Our course objectives are established by the conventions of the “European Framework of Reference for Languages”.
We tailor our courses to the requests from different universities for credits consistent with the Socrates, Erasmus and Overseas programmes.
The objectives are audited by external bodies (Region and State). Our primary objectives it to use the Italian language straightaway; from the first day, every student starts communicating in Italian with Italian people; to speak, understand, read, write and communicate makes it possible to live with Italians.

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Our teachers have a lot of teaching experience

Our teachers have on average 10 years of teaching experience; they support students with their usage of the Italian language. We help, advise and assist people who come to our school, with their every need (accommodation, health, cultural programmes, entertainment). The school is always on the student’s side, we are never in conflict.

The cost-benefit ratio is optimal

Our courses are particularly attractive in terms of value for money. The course prices are clear (all inclusive) precisely calculated based on the cost of running our organisation effectively. The final price is consistent with the quality we deliver. In some periods, we offer discounts but our prices are never the unrealistic below-cost prices of commercial courses that impinge on quality. The course consists of 4 lesson-hours (50 minutes per lesson hour) of daily lessons and 2 hours of homework at home or school. The School guarantees 8 class-levels with a weekly participation from 35 to 85 people.

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Results after 2 weeks in the course

After a two-week course, a beginner-level student can already understand and speak a little in shops and restaurants. An intermediate-level student reinforces their communication skill, activates their grammar knowledge with use, and learns new vocabulary and expressions. An advanced-level student instead enlarges and strengthens their breadth of comprehension and expression by revisiting their acquired expressive skills.

All teaching choices are tailored to each student, we don’t impose the same general programmes for everyone. We have a clear teaching plan; we are strict, but flexible in that we recommend classes, lessons, the programme and we deliver them in accordance with every student. The student decides when there are differences of opinions.