Aperitivo at Beatrice’s

Thursday’s aperitivo and talk (6-15 people)

aperitivo at cultura italiana bologna

Thursday Aperitivo free

Every Thursday at 18:00 we talk in Italian having a virtual aperitivo at Beatrice’s.

Thursday’s talk is free and open to everyone.

The aperitivo at Beatrice’s goes on. We had a great time!

We talked about what to do to keep the Italian language alive while we’re at home.

Beatrice reads a book that takes place in Naples, Katherine has just finished reading a book about Italians in London, Diego and Bettina listen to the radio everyday, Reiner and Res prefer to read the news in the newspapers.

Aperitivo with theme Conversation (4-8 people)

It is a small group conversation with a defined topic.

The first meeting is (virtually) introduced by Beatrice or it can also be introduced by one of the participants.

In turn the participants talk about a topic while having their aperitivo.

cultura italiana bologna aperitivo outside

Beatrice introduces a topic such as cinema, she speaks for 5 or 6 minutes, then gives the floor to each participant,

who can freely talk about the same topic, but also about another topic.

The topic is not important, it must be interesting for a spontaneous expression.

It’s a chance to chat in Italian while having a glass of wine or a juice.

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