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At Cultura Italiana you learn Italian in few weeks using exclusively Italian (not like a tourist), we communicate without using other languages with a full immersion in the Italian language. In Bologna was founded the first university in Europe (1088), for this reason it has a long tradition as a student city and it is the perfect place to learn Italian in Italy. Around thousand people attend Cultura Italiana (with a weekly participation from 35 to 85 people).

Our Italian language Courses


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Intensive Italian language course

25 lessons (45 minutes each), 6-12 students per class,

10 hours per week of extracurricular activities, 2 hours per day of homework at home/school

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  • Single room: € 157 (per week)
  • Double room: € 110 (per person/week)
  • Starting dates

    The courses begin every Monday and end on the Friday of the corresponding week. The school is closed only on the international holidays. The 25 lesson hours are spread over the other four days of the week

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    Dear visitor!

    Thank you for visiting Cultura Italiana Bologna Website. Cultura Italiana is a top-level School specialised in the dissemination of the Italian language. Total immersion in our language is possible with us because the surrounding environment is authentic. The School in Italy was established in Bologna in 1981. Here you can learn Italian and speak the Italian language with Italians, not with tourists.

    We collaborate in educational research with the Bologna University, the first University in the Western World (1088), and with other 40 universities in Europe, America and Japan.

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    Last events

    We organize events (lectures, exhihibitions, seminars and publications) with Universities and Italian Culture Institutes!

    Cultura Italiana Bologna - Jean Talon presenta il libro Incontro coi selvaggi

    1 June 2023

    Jean Talon presents the book ‘Incontro coi selvaggi’ at Cultura Italiana Bologna

    The book is a diverse mosaic of 16 funny, strange, weird, or moving stories.
    The stories are fabulous tales about improbable encounters between different cultures. A topical and popular topic these years within Intercultural and Gender Studies.

    Why learn Italian in Italy at Cultura Italiana?

    If you study Italian in Bologna at Cultura Italiana the cost-benefit ratio is optimal.

    • The course is practical to communicate from the first day
    • It is possible to meet Italian friends and use Italian
    • Cultura Italiana guarantees results
    • Our programmes are defined and monitored
    • Why learn Italian in Italy
    • Our objectives of the course are clear
    • Our teachers have at least 5 years of teaching experience
    • Our courses are particularly attractive in terms of value for money
    • One of the best leisure program in the world
    • Live like an Italian with us

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    Quick info

    Useful suggestions to live and enjoy the city during your Italian language course in Bologna.

    • Living in Bologna / Cost of living
    • Where to eat
    • What to wear
    • The Italian language and lifestyle is authentic
    • What can you do in the weekends
    • Exhibitions and lectures
    • Leisure time and sport
    • Music and theatres / Museums / Parks
    • Markets / Shopping
    • Night life
    • Transport
    • Bologna cuisine
    • Friends, relatives and guests

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    In order to learn Italian in Italy is important to choose a suitable city, Bologna is the right place because of few tourists and the oldest university in Europe. It is also important the prestigious location of Cultura Italiana. You can have fun with the leisure program after the lessons and learn Italian outside the school. You find here pictures of our Italian language school and the medieval city and two activities after the lesson.

    palazzo pepoli bologna from outside
    The school is located in a XV century building, where the first Lord of Bologna used to live
    Italian social life: aperitivo with Italians
    bologna center view from above
    The historical city centre is one of the biggest in Europe
    Sport activity after the lessons
    The landscape of the hills:
    a walk in the park
    Students’ performance


    The lessons at the school in Bologna are lively and interesting. You can find more motivations by watching the videos about how to learn Italian in Italy.
    Here the lesson is different, more stimulating than the Italian lessons in your country.

    Above you can see a typical week at Cultura Italiana with active classes, engaging walks and meetings with Italians
    Above, students invented a play to practice authentic Italian in a class at Cultura Italiana

    What our students say about Cultura Italiana Bologna

    Cultura Italiana Bologna
    Based on 65 reviews
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    Perfect immersion into the Italian language, culture and kitchen in the beautiful city of Bologna ! Highly recommended ! Very friendly and professional staff !
    Response from the owner: Grazie Hilde! Ti aspettiamo di nuovo a Bologna 😉
    Ich hatte kurzfristig Einzelunterricht gebucht. Die Schulleitung war sehr flexibel und hat gute, motivierte Lehrkräfte. Auch werden viele spannende Nebenaktivitäten organisiert (Führungen, Kochkurse).
    Response from the owner: Grazie Thomas, sei molto gentile! Siamo felici di sapere che sei stato bene a Cultura Italiana. Ti aspettiamo!
    Cultura Italiana is a wonderful school to learn Italian and improve communication skills. Being a language teacher myself, I was very impressed by the quality of the teachers. The classes are dynamic. The teachers have a good way to facilitate conversation and explain grammar. The atmosphere in class is encouraging the student to speak and making it fun in the process. The location in the old town cannot be beat.
    Response from the owner: Grazie mille Adriana! È stato un vero piacere conoscerti e aiutarti con l'italiano. A presto!
    This is a wonderful language school in a beautiful city. The staff are amazing and always so helpful making sure that you are in the class that suits you.It's not all classroom based - there are walks, talks, extra lessons, park activities and the all important aperitivo.
    Response from the owner: Grazie mille Stefano! Sappiamo che sei sempre in prima linea per l'aperitivo! Ti aspettiamo prestissimo 😉
    Hervorragend! Alle sind sehr nett, es fühlt sich an wie ein Besuch bei Freunden. Grazie mille!!!
    Response from the owner: Grazie mille Christiane! A presto 😊
    Une école sérieuse, très professionnelle, j'ai senti que j'étais soutenue et aidée de manière rapide et efficace que ce soit pour mon inscription, les papiers nécessaires à mon Erasmus, l' arrivée sur Bologne mais aussi bien entendu l'enseignement. Les méthodes sont bien rodées, l'enseignement varié, ludique et de qualité. L'emplacement en plein centre de Bologne est également un grand avantage. Bref, je recommande vivement Cultura Italiana et je vais essayer d'y revenir.
    Response from the owner: Grazie mille Corinne, le tue parole ci fanno piacere. Ti aspettiamo presto di nuovo a Bologna!
    La scuola Cultura Italiana Bologna, e efficace e molto gradevole.
    Response from the owner: Grazie mille Mario! È stato un piacere conoscere Theo! Un caro saluto
    Great place to learn Italian and Italian culture. Fun and study together.
    Response from the owner: Grazie mille Nuriye! A presto 😉
    Für mich der beste Ort um italienisch zu lernen. Es waren wundervolle zwei Wochen mit allem drum und dran. Ich habe mich sehr aufgehoben gefühlt ☺️
    Response from the owner: Ciao Georg! Grazie mille per le tue parole, sei molto gentile! A presto 😉
    I enjoyed a wonderful two weeks of study at Cultura Italiana. The staff are so helpful and friendly, and my entire learning experience at the school was excellent. Bologna is the perfect city to immerse yourself in the language and culture of Italy. I can highly recommend Cultura Italiana Bologna!
    Response from the owner: Grazie Moira! Siamo felici di averti conosciuta. Ti aspettiamo di nuovo a Bologna 😊
    The course was rigorous with excellent teachers. They also made it such fun. You will make great strides in your language learning.
    Response from the owner: Grazie Bonnie, un abbraccio!
    Cultura Italiana Bologna
    Based on 46 reviews
    la profesionalidad....familiaridad entre alumnos y profesores.
    un ambiente distendido.
    Je viens de passer six semaines à Cultura Italiana. Six semaines très agréables. L'atmosphère, les profs, les cours, le personnel administratif... Dix sur dix!
    Cultura Italiana, ce ne sont pas seulement des cours d'italien (ce qui est déjà pas mal!), c'est aussi tout un programme culturel facultatif: visites guidées, conférences, cours de cuisine...
    Merci à toute l'équipe! Grâce à vous, j'ai fait la connaissance d'une belle langue et d'une ville magnifique. Je reviendrai...
    excellent and interesting presentation on the origins of the Etruscan cities.

    Full house and kept the room engaged throughout the many slides and new information.

    well done!
    I highly recommend the Italian language school “Cultura Italiana”: There are excellent teachers, especially Marina Carbone, who integrates grammatical structures into everyday language in such a humorous and awesome way that even grammar is lots of fun! Thank you so much!!
    Furthermore Cultura Italiana offers a variety of great extracurricular activities! The city of Bologna is wonderful - I will definitely return!!👍😃
    A very nice and welcoming school with fun classes, engaged teachers, and lots of after school activities
    Cultura Italiana is very intensive but it makes a lot of fun although.
    I will recommend it to anyone who would like to learn italian.
    mycket bra nivåanpassad undervisning, trevliga utflykter och en mycket familjär stämning
    I loved my experience at Cultura Italiana Bologna. Two absolutely amazing weeks! If you are on the fence about enrolling, go for it.

    I stayed in an apartment that the school arranged. It was in the city center, and I was pleased with every aspect of my living accommodations and my learning experience. I met great people of all ages, with varying cultural backgrounds. Sometimes we explored the city together, and sometimes I ventured out alone. I felt safe and connected, at every turn. The city is amazing and the school is wonderful.
    Back from two weeks Cultura Italiana in Bologna. I learnt so much in the two weeks - and I believe I never laughed as much as in these two weeks of Cultura Italiana.
    I also higly recommend the interesting excursions and of course the cooking lessons.
    ... and Bologna is a truely wonderful city!
    Due settimane e io credo che tornerò. Bella experiencia e le persona della scuola.
    Ci vediamo!!! Bellisima Bologna.
    Marinette, Swizerland
    Mi aspettavo un tuffo nella lingua e nella cultura italiana. Volevo soprattutto rinfrescare le mie conoscenze della grammatica. È stato perfetto, esattamente quello di cui avevo bisogno! Gli insegnanti sono buonis…
    Joseph, Usa
    I want to let you know that my two weeks of language study with Cultura Italiana could not have been any better. It was an absolutely superb program in all respects. Although I still have much to learn, my Italian…
    Andreas, Germania
    Per proteggere gli studenti è meglio evitare le scuole commerciali che organizzano corsi di lingue diverse (inglese, tedesco e italiano) insieme. Consiglio una scuola specializzata, (ce ne sono diverse in Italia)…

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