Italian for Art History


1. Lessons taught by an Italian language teacher

These courses are for those learning Italian for professional or cultural purposes in Art History.

20 hours per week in a group of 6-12 people
5 individual hours per week on Italian language
5 individual hours per week on the specific topic
10 hours per week of extracurricular activities
2 hours per day of homework at home or at school

1 week euro 458
2 weeks euro 845
3 weeks euro 1230
4 weeks euro 1554
5 weeks euro 1931
6 weeks euro 2315
7 weeks euro 2702
8 weeks euro 2934
9 weeks euro 3320
10 weeks euro 3704

2. Lessons taught by an Art History professor

These courses are for those learning Italian Art History. The teacher is a professor of art history. The goal of the course is to learn Art History in the Italian Language.

The price of the lessons depends on the number of participants:
1 person Euro 60 per hour
2 people Euro 45 per hour/person
3 people Euro 38 per hour/person
4 people Euro 34 per hour/person
5 people Euro 30 per hour/person
6/12 people Euro 25 per hour/person

Topics depend on the interests of students.