Intensive Italian 6-12 people

Prices 2015
1 week euro 271
2 weeks euro 497
3 weeks euro 724
4 weeks euro 909
5 weeks euro 1136
6 weeks euro 1362
7 weeks euro 1512
8 weeks euro 1726
9 weeks euro 1953
10 weeks euro 2178

Courses consist of two parts:
1. Italian language course
2. Extra-curricular activities (visits and meetings).
Our school is the ideal place to study Italian in Italy: a total immersion experience!

Courses begin every Monday with an assessment test and finish on the Friday of the last week of the selected period of study. There are 10 different levels. Each level consists of 20 lesson-hours (50 minutes per lesson), plus 10 hours of extra-curricular programming, per week. The first part of the lesson focuses on grammatical structure and vocabulary, the second part on expression and communication. Standard classes are of 6-12 students. At the end of the course the participant receives a certificate recognized as a professional qualification.

The courses consist of lessons in the Italian language and of a program of extracurricular activities (visits, meetings, tours, entertainment). Classes take place either in the morning between 9:00 a.m. and 12:40 p.m. or in the afternoon between 1:00 p.m. and 4:40 p.m. Classes for elementary (basic) levels are often in the morning and the ones for higher levels are often in the afternoon. These courses are especially economical in terms of cost-benefit ratio. They enable the student to achieve a solid grasp of the language in a short time. The class numbers are ideal in affording an opportunity for full participation by all. The four-week course is the standard, corresponding to one level for European languages. The courses are divided as follows: A1 (Basic 1), A2 (Basic 2), B1 (Intermediate 1), B2 (Intermediate 2), C1 (Advanced 1) and C2 (Advanced 2). The two-week course is the equivalent of the first or second part of a course level. Students may also progressively attend a series of standard courses in succession in the same class. Beginners who have European languages as their mother tongue can reach a level B1 in 12 weeks. They would need another 12 weeks to reach the C1 level, but this will depend on the person, on their nature and frequency of contact with the Italian language. People who do not have European languages as their mother tongue will have different rhythms of learning, usually twice the duration it would take an European language native speaker.
In case of didactic differences within a single class, the school may decide to divide the class into smaller groups and reduce the class-time as follows:

4-5 people: three lesson-hours;
2-3 people: two and a half lesson-hours;
1 person : one and a quarter lesson-hours (every lesson-hour consists of 50 minutes).
Small groups usually do more intensive work in class and at home: the students can therefore reach the same level as those in larger groups.

Active Learning

Classes are held by professional teachers with experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language. Special care is devoted to the definition of the didactic methods of teaching. These are based on the students learning needs. The students, on their side, are required to co-operate with the teacher in order to create an effective relationship and are encouraged to directly tackle the theme presented by the teacher. Each student will be catered for in accordance with his or her interests and needs. The students are divided into groups according to their knowledge of the language and their abilities. Particular care will be given to the usage of the language, to expression, to a good comprehension and to the ability to use the language in particular situations. Because of the intensive character of our courses they will require much co-operation (and input) and two hours homework per day from the participant.