Dear Visitor welcome to Cultura Italiana!

Thank you for your interest in our Italian language School. Since 1980, Cultura Italiana has been offering Italian language courses. We are the only Italian language school for foreigners coming to Italy with a focus to learn Italian in Bologna. We are not a multi-language school for tourists. Guaranteed availability of 8 class levels at any time.

Prices are all inclusive No registration fee
euro 271 25% Special Discount
20 hours per week 6-12 students per class
10 hours per week of extracurricular activities
2 hours per day of homework at home or at school
Starting Dates
The courses begin every Monday and end on the Friday of the corresponding week. The school is closed on the international holidays

single Euro 128 per week

Living life, not tourism

You don’t find many tourists in Bologna, so Cultura Italiana students are like guests, integrated in the city life. The Italian language is a complicated communication system. To make sense, we need to know how to apply grammar rules, the choice of words, the sentence construction and the Italian way of using Italian language. This system is the culture. “Culture” also means “way of life”.Cultura Italiana specialises in teaching Italian to adults. We also host groups of school-age students or individuals, for whom we organise special classes. The average number of students is about 70 (59% from Europe, 21% from America, 14% from Asia, 3% from Australia, 0.2% from Africa).

In Cultura Italiana you can achieve the profound depth of the Italian language which is needed for its authentic expression and communication

The Italian language is sweet, musical, smooth and poetic. In comparison, English, German, French and Spanish are more pragmatic and structured. Therefore, we believe the particular aspect of each language defines the way of using and teaching it. Cultura Italiana is the only Italian Language School in Bologna where Italian is the only language taught and no other languages are offered. For this specialisation, Cultura Italiana stands out in Europe as The School specialising in teaching Italian to foreigners in Italy.

Expression and communication, then grammar

Italian grammar is very complex . At Cultura Italiana, students first of all, learn to speak and communicate in lively Italian. Grammar is a necessary aid, that gives a correct form to the speech. At Cultura Italiana you learn Italian as spoken by Italians. It is possible for students to come for one or more weeks, one or more months or for a year. The choice is yours. Many of our students return year after year to learn more and to build on their previous knowledge and experience with the Italian language.

At Cultura Italiana you will enhance your Italian communication skills

You will learn the grammar, vocabulary to speak, understand, write and read, like you would in all good language schools. Our strength however, is that you will also learn the way to communicate and express as an Italian would (which you would not find in other language schools!). The Italian language, as every language does, has its own characteristics. It is different from other languages and it has to be used in a particular way. Its vocabulary, structure and communication style are different to other languages. So, it is not enough to just know the grammar and the vocabulary to communicate as Italians do.


In our Italian courses you will learn Italian with the help of our professional and friendly teachers with experience in teaching Italian as a foreign language. We co-operate in the educational research with Bologna University, the first University in Europe established in 1088. Students will learn how to communicate effectively. Particular care will be given to language to support good comprehension and expression of Italian. Our courses are intensive and each student is expected to do about 2 hours’ homework per day. This may be done at home or at school.


The students are divided into 8 Levels according to their knowledge and ability of the language: Basic (A1 (Basic) and A2 (Basic 2) - 1st and 2nd part), Intermediate (B1 (Intermediate 1) and B2 (Intermediate 2) - 1st and 2nd part), Advanced (C1 (Advanced 1) and C2 (Advanced 2).

Programme of activities after school

The aim of our various activities is to facilitate and encourage contact between the participants on the course and their Italian environment, and to provide a general understanding of Italy’s past and present. The first part of the program is specifically designed for the special interest of every student. For example, a doctor, an architect or a teacher can meet an Italian colleague at work. The second part is a selection of activities which follow four general topics: a. Bologna city b. Art, History and Music c. Nature d. Current events

Cultura Italiana, communication training and not theoretical learning

If you need to learn Italian only to understand and to be understood, you can save money and study grammar and vocabulary in a school in your country. But, if you want to learn to communicate in Italian and in an Italian way, it is necessary to live with Italians. For this reason, we invite you to attend our school that specialises in Italian language in Bologna, Italy. In Bologna there are English language schools that sell Italian lessons to foreign tourists. It is not efficient to study Italian in Italy in schools that seem to be Italian, but instead they are multi-language schools. You can verify that Cultura Italiana is the only authentic Italian language school in Bologna that specialises exclusively in Italian language and culture. Our learning environment (such as the language and subject material used, the communication and life-style and the art, fashion and cuisine of Italian people) is exclusively Italian. You can be assured that you will enjoy a true, genuine insight into our Italian culture and language. Bologna is lively medieval town, not yet discovered by mass tourism (see The New York Times). Here it is easy to make contact with the local people. Statistics show that most Italians would like to live in Bologna.

Language as a way of life

In Cultura Italiana, students of elementary, intermediate and advanced levels are introduced to Italian language use from the first day in their course. They have the possibility to be involved in speaking and study Italian even at the beginner’s level. Our teachers will help them to grow develop their knowledge of the Italian language. By attending individual Italian classes or a group course, students will learn about the Italian way of living by meeting Italian people. In the intermediate and advanced levels, our teachers will help the students widen their knowledge of the Italian language, so every day their Italian will broaden and deepen.

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